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Howdy Folks!

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Not much to report in the land of Monroe, Connecticut (or “Funroe,” as the natives call it). I’ve been rather inconsistent when it comes to blogging, but watch this space for weekly updates regarding everything from film, television, gaming, chihuahuas, books, and maybe even personal ventures.

Lost Episode

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The lost episode of ROFLcopterDown, episode 13. Never aired due to the time it was recorded and the circumstances surrounding graduation and our ability to access the old blog account. Come hear us discuss the news of yore, back when we went to a bunch of arcades and played the Halo 3 beta for the first time. Stay tuned past the outro for a special treat, Justin and the Millenium Force. Recorded circa mezazoic era (late May). Enjoy this while we create new content!

My first post

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I’ve never been consistent with any form of blogging since I started podcasting with RoflcopterDown. Now that we’ve moved up to a big boy site I feel like I should really update my blog frequently. Since I normally just gripe about things that irritate me in my blog I’m going to make a concerted effort to stray from just that.

In order to facilitate this, it makes sense that my first post in my own blog be about making the site. I suppose I should thank our host DreamHost and my friend and fraternity brother Ben Golub for hooking our site up with its new digs. The creation of this site and the message boards has been really simple, I clicked around for a while until the WordPress and phpBB installs were done and then I just had to setup accounts and PodPress to make the site work. All that was left was a lot of style sheet tweaking and photoshopping a new set of logos for the new name.

On a related note: the new name arose at roughly 3:00am EST during a conversation between me and fellow presenter Justin. Maybe Tom will post some of the awesome potential names we were throwing around (mostly inside jokes), or maybe we’ll discuss this on the first or second episode of the new season.

At any rate, I need to get some much deserved sleep, I’ve been puling some late hours to get the new website ready for the awesomeness that will be our new season. I can guarantee the same level of hilarity, fun and debate that went into RoflcopterDown will go into The Rumble Pack. hopefully we can reach a larger audience with the new name, website and image.


Audio Update

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Just to keep you in the know: The new site is live, the blogs for the presenters are almost finished, the board is now active. Over the course of the next week we will be finishing the modifications to the website and message boards and, most importantly, we will be posting our first podcast of the new season and the new name. Get ready to enjoy!

Act 1: Enter Star Wolf

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This is the blog of Tom, Master of Unlocking.

Edit: Still the Master of Unlocking after six months of not posting. My apologies. Look forward to this space becoming a bustling spaceport of rambling bullshit and/or a dumpster full of empty away messages. Thank you.

Introducing: “The Rumble Pack”

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Welcome to the new home of the podcast formerly known as ROFLcopterDown. The site is currently under construction.

 New Features to Include:

  • Streamlined podcast served up to you in engaging visual style.
  • Blogs from the personalities behind the show.
  • Message boards for discussion of the most recent news and shows.

Pac-Man Championship Edition Review

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Pac-Man CE is the best version of Pac-Man out there right now.

Okay, admittedly, to most young gamers that doesn’t mean much. It should.

I fondly recall playing Ms. Pac-Man in my Kakar Dental Group orthodontists’ waiting room while my sister was being tortured. Whether or not I fondly recall the game specifically is uncertain. At any rate, you can feel the charm of the original arcade Pac-Man titles in the new XBLA download. This is probably due to the fact that the original creator of the series, Toru Iwatani, was involved in making this new version.

High score addiction has made a triumphant return as of late. Games like Geometry Wars RE and virtual console titles have brought back the spirit of the late eighties early nineties gaming culture. The new Pac-Man surely stokes this fire. Getting the all important high score is making a comeback. I’m even competing with Justin on Pac-Man CE, I’m gonna beat his high score and then he’ll beat mine and we’ll both get better.

Forza Motorsport 2 Review

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I hate simulation racing games. I hate them with a passion. When you race in a game you should leave the acceleration button firmly smashed into the controller and the developer shouldn’t even include a brake. The ideal track has gentle bends in it and has multiple jumps, speed boosts and, if possible, a point at which the track goes upside down. The last time I accidentally purchased a sim racer was Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec. That said; I love Forza Motorsport 2.

Somehow, between the time I played GT3 and now, I’ve developed a love of boring games. I enjoy fiddling with sliders in menus. I love laboring over color scheme decisions. I love comparing horsepower and torque curves.

Daxter Review

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This lovely came bundled with my PSP slim, so I figured I had to give it a go. And actually, I was pleasantly surprised with what I found inside.

I’ve never been a Jak and Daxter fan. Hell, if you ask me the plot…I’ll tell ya it has something to do with precursor orb collecting, and I figure that is way off. That being said, I know that Jak and Daxter are a pair. A dynamic duo. A terrible twosome. That being said, sidekick spin-offs usually are about as much fun as Spring Cleaning (Luigi’s Mansion anyone?). Daxter is no different than any of these as far as the plot is concerned; Jak is abducted by the bad guys and Daxter’s mission is to get him back. Yeah, there’s no Emmy quality writing in this plot, but as my expectations were already low, I wasn’t too disappointed. But my experience with this game wasn’t for plot, it was for some next-gen handheld platforming, and here it actually delivered beyond some of my expectations.