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TRP 7/31/14: Besta Fiesta

SiestaThis podcast is free to play, but you’ll need to pay a buck for each Pack member. Assuming you pony up, this week you’ll hear Justin, Kaz and Neil discuss the iTunes charts, EA’s new subscription service and skewed pricing models (again), inspired in part by the upcoming iOS port of The Banner Saga. But clearly the guys have no problem dropping cash on games: Neil mentally pre-orders Destiny as the beta comes to a close, while Justin breaks out his 3DS for Siesta Fiesta.

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QuickReview: Shovel Knight

Why dig when you can fish?Sometimes I’m a little too harsh on our love of retro games. We accept retro games with arms wide open because they make us remember better times (read: older times), which disturbingly makes the halcyon days of Nintendo the era our children will one day snicker about.

When Shovel Knight first became the big thing, I was just as skeptical as usual. Even after Justin and Tom had fallen in love with the game, I was still a bit apprehensive. I was secretly sure the game was a retro dud in the back of my mind, even once I had resolved to purchase the game anyway.

Sometimes I’m so happy when I’m dead wrong about things.

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TRP 7/23/14: White Fun-Phorus

specsSo much for the extensive Xbox video content. This week, the Pack mourns…or at least acknowledges the demise of Xbox Entertainment Studios. How big a loss was it? But this is a podcast for gamers, so the guys work in some games, too. Kaz conjures more Moon Wizards in the Destiny beta, Justin does some things he’s not proud of in Spec-Ops: The Line and McFadden encourages everyone to buy gaming PCs.

TRP 7/16/14: Dog Ball: A True Moondog Story

moonsThis week’s show gets a full five hobo bindles out of five! After ripping apart Cleveland sports mascots – SPORTS TALK! – the Pack is stunned by Tom’s new PS4 purchase. Who saw that coming?! Afterwards, Neil visits two hellscapes in Valiant Hearts and Fallout: New Vegas, Justin needs a Hiryu in this year’s Strider reboot, Kaz solves the last case in The Wolf Among Us and Mike drops a couple bucks on League of Legends.

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TRP 7/10/14: Summer Beach Boops

beachGot a summer reading list? What about a summer gaming list? This week, the guys tackle both, with lots of classic games and even some “Game of Thrones” talk sneaking in. Afterwards, Justin enters the trenches in Valiant Hearts, Kaz loves his Shovel Knight, and Mike chases the World Cup in FIFA 2014.