TRP 7/28/15: A Journey Worth Taking

Neil and Kaz sit down to wax poetic about Journey, from the perspective of a first time player and someone seeing it all again. This devolves into a discussion of how games age over time, talking about the glut of free games and coming to grips with that glut.

TRP 7/15/15: Thank You

Special Nintendo Correspondent Justin returns to discuss the passing and lasting impact of Nintendo President and CEO Satoru Iwata. After that the crew discusses Quiplash and its place in the pantheon of JackBox games. Neil waxes poetic about the soulful journey of Lifeless Planet. And Kaz and Mike discuss the absolute joy that is Rocket League.

Oh and the finer points of “taking it to the hole”.

QuickReview: Rocket League

RocketLeagueI love fake sports, I love cars, what’s not to love about the seductive combination of both. Every moment of Rocket League is a high intensity moment. From incredible highs–amazing goals from tough angles–to painful lows–getting twisted up in the goal and scoring on your own team.

Rocket League is from that delightful subset of games that are a sport. A game that is carried by mechanics and not story. It’s a sporting effort that is required for every online match, lag and inconsistent servers be damned. For a game that you’ve already technically paid for; Rocket League is a steal.

Why aren’t you downloading it right now?I'm thinking about playing it right now, in fact I'm probably playing it as we speak...

Update This!

Update Frustration

I had one of those frustrating experiences again. The kind of experience that makes you yearn for a simpler time in console gaming.

My frustration is from the PS4 this time around but it applies to both consoles, so don’t think I’m being one sided. This kind of scenario occurs on both consoles right now.

I was looking to have something to play in bed last night, so before I shut off the TV after watching another episode of Tiny House Hunters (curse you tinyhome buyers!) I stumbled up to the entertainment center and ejected Dragon Age: Inquisition out of the PS4, a game that’s not so much fun to play via remote play, and slapped in DriveClub (#Driveclub?).

Quick trip to take the dog out one last time, and then back the bedroom to relax and test out the post PS+ Edition waters in Driveclub.

I turn on the Vita to find that it needs a system update, it hasn’t been that long since I played the PS+ games this month, so the firmware must be recent. Whatever, set it to update and put the Vita down. I’ll use the restroom and when I come back I’ll be ready to race.

Minutes later I’m back and ready to go.

Boot up remote play, log into the PS4. Can’t find Driveclub on the main menu, the disc is in but I still have to go to the library to find the game. Alright, let’s go.

System requires an update…

Well, here we go, what happens when I initiate a system update from Remote Play? You get booted out when the system restarts as I suspected. Try and log back in, won’t connect, must still be working. Wait a couple minutes, played some Murasaki Baby (man that game makes creepy noises non-stop). Log back in through remote play: success!

Alright time to race!

Driveclub requires an update… time left to download 20min

Well, time for bed.

After a half hour of updates and frustration I would still have to wait 20min to download an update for a game that has been installed on the system since February? This is not the console simplicity I expected. I would have had an easier time playing The Witcher 3, which just released a big patch 1.07, because my big complicated, difficult-to-use PC has all of my games updated and ready to go at any minute.

With the exception of the initial build; it’s beginning to be the case that PC gaming is so streamlined by various services (Steam, GoG, etc.) that it’s a simpler experience than consoles nowadays. Maybe I should’ve played 30 minutes of The Witcher 3 instead of trying to play a console game… maybe I would have gone to bed having played a game.

TRP 6/24/15: Massive Palace

Episode350SmallPC Building, flop sweats, VR gaming optimism, Batman: Arkham Knight woes, Massive Palace jokes and Hearthstone and Terraria updates. All that and more in an action packed episode of The Pack!

TRP 6/24/15: The Most Important Physics

Episode349SmallThe pack gathers to dissect the most important non-controversy of the week, the early feelings on Massive Chalice and Kaz and Neil gush about about space sims in the context of Elite: Dangerous on the Xbox One.

TRP 6/16/15: Long Distance Roundabout

Tguardshe Last Guardian lives! Final Fantasy VII Remake is real! Shenmue continues! It’s been a crazy E3 week – so many impossible announcements and intriguing games. As always, the Pack weighs in on the highs and lows.

TRP 6/9/15: Prognostication

Episode347SmallJustin, Kaz, Mcfadden and Tony gather to briefly talk NBA Finals, look back at the top games of the first half of 2015 and look forward to the potential of E3. Plus, they make some of the least bold predictions imaginable. Oh and more gushing about The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt which might also make an appearance in the first discussion.

TRP 6/2/15: Is It Too Early to Talk GOTY?

Episode346SmallThe pack gathers this week to talk about the disturb in the force you all felt a couple of days ago. That wasn’t just any disturbance, that was Justin going full on Nintendo-fanboy when the Chibi Robo Amiibo was announce. He apologizes for the disturbance in electrical service and the distruption of traffic patterns. Please resume your daily lives as soon as possible.


Oh, also we discuss Splatoon and The Witcher 3.

TRP 5/20/15: Mid Day Scares

The pack attacks Our Darker Purpose, Justin hides in the daylight from PT and Kaz keeps getting dirty in DiRT Rally.Episode345Small

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