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TRP 10/23/14: Super Steve Nash Bros.

Team Thursday all the way! Or at least, Team Should’ve-Been-Uploaded-Thursday! On this bonus installment, Justin gets excited for 8-player Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, while Tony dives into the Abyss Odyssey and goes to battle in The Banner Saga.

TRP 10/21/14: Existential Dread and Loot

Episode317SmallThis week on the podcast Neil, Tom and Kaz get together to dissect Shinji Mikami’s The Evil Within, the good, the bad and the letterboxed. Afterwards Neil tries to find meaning in his Destiny travails and updates the pack on what he’s been doing these past weeks (spoilers: mostly being sick). Then Kaz digs into the beginning of Fantasia: Music Evolved.

QuickReview: Forza Horizon 2

I like this game, I’m not going to bury the lead. There are some things that Forza Horizon 2 doesn’t do perfectly, but the breadth of what the game gets right is overwhelming. The feeling of joy is persistent throughout the various championships and side activities–collecting barn finds, finding XP boards, racing rivals and exploring,

AutumnOh, and the game is aggressively pretty. From an art direction standpoint and from a pure graphical standpoint. The image quality is always great, some minor pop in stands out on some of the shadows and lighting, but the low framerate stayed locked in for almost all of my play time (some hiccups occurred during freeroam online (not sure if it was online related or game related). Normally a low framerate makes a racing game seem muddy but they make up for it with enough motion blur to fool the eye into perceiving the game as smooth.

There’s always more to do, and I went from activity to activity immersed in the beautiful visuals, mesmerized by the amazing soundtrack and with a big goofy grin from ear to ear. Every now and then a game that just makes you happy while you play it is all you want. Bonus points for getting me to shout “Xbox, Record That” more in the last three weeks than the previous 8 months combined.

I'm thinking about playing it right now, in fact I'm probably playing it as we speak...

TRP 10/14/14: On topic, or else…

Tom, Tony and Kaz unite to celebrate all things sophomoric in Justin’s absence. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on perspective) there are too many good games to talk about this week and Tom and Kaz wax poetic about the stylish downloadable Pix the Cat. Tony digs deep into the roguelike-like that is Abyss Odyssey and the early release Sunless Sea. Kaz meanwhile gets ornery over more internet kerfuffle and gets way too hyped for Fantasia: Music Evolved.

TRP 10/7/14: The Abstract Concept of Duck Hunting

This week is all about Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS, and its breakout star, Duck Hunt! Plus, more Forza Horizon 2 and celebrating the release of PlayStation oddity Vib Ribbon!