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TRP 3/3/15: HoloPeepers

vbsThe Virtual Reality Wars are nearly here! This week, the Pack talks about the Vive reveal, and how it will impact the already-crowded headset-thing landscape. Afterwards, some ghostly Monster Hunter4 tips, the Fallen London rabbit hole, chilling with Alto’s Adventure, and wondering how anyone sorts through ALL OF THESE GAMES.

TRP 2/24/15: Pork Chaps

pigsCome on, get happy! This week, Kaz, McFadden and Justin start off talking about the lukewarm reception of The Order, which leads to a larger discussion about negativity within the gaming community. Is all hope lost? (No.) Afterwards, Justin explains why he’s fallen in love with Monster Hunter 4 and Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, while McFadden gives a shout out to iOS gem Combo Quest.

TRP 2/17/14: The Zeldamarillion

MMsMajora’s Mask is back, which means it’s time to rehash old arguments about this divisive Zelda experiment. Justin and Tony duke it out while the moon looms ominously. Meanwhile, Kaz is battling Kevin Spacey in the Advanced Warfare campaign and Tom is rocking and socking Greek gods in Apotheon.

TRP 2/10/15: The Ball That Got Away

ballsClub Nintendo, rest in piece. This week, the entire crew gathers to mourn the loss of their favorite junk peddler, even as it finally gives the United States Flipnote Studio 3D. Plus, touchscreen mashin’ in Tap Titans, talking to Dragon Age Inquisition muppets, Humble Bundle’s card game bonanza, flawed masterpiece Grim Fandango Remastered and an appreciation of the Air Buddies empire.

TRP 2/7/15: Titans Versus Advanced Warfare

Episode330SmallYou think things were hectic when lots of people are on the podcast? Kaz, McFadden and Tony endeavor to prove you wrong! Tangents a plenty while the three attempt to discuss Titanfall and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare well after their releases, a handful of iOS titles and a quick rundown of #IDARB.