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TRP 10/14/14: On topic, or else…

Tom, Tony and Kaz unite to celebrate all things sophomoric in Justin’s absence. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on perspective) there are too many good games to talk about this week and Tom and Kaz wax poetic about the stylish downloadable Pix the Cat. Tony digs deep into the roguelike-like that is Abyss Odyssey and the early release Sunless Sea. Kaz meanwhile gets ornery over more internet kerfuffle and gets way too hyped for Fantasia: Music Evolved.

TRP 10/7/14: The Abstract Concept of Duck Hunting

This week is all about Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS, and its breakout star, Duck Hunt! Plus, more Forza Horizon 2 and celebrating the release of PlayStation oddity Vib Ribbon!

10/1/14: Sticks to Snakes

cuccosSuper Smash Bros. isn’t the only Nintendo crossover that has the Pack’s attention! This week, Tom and Justin make the case for Hyrule Warriors, the surprisingly great Zelda spinoff. Meanwhile, Tony falls in love with Crypt of Necrodancer, whether it’s finished or not, while Kaz drives the open roads in Forza 2 Horizon.

9/24/14: Kidney Beans for Life

gcnsThings take a turn for the weird as Kaz, Tom and Justin tackle oddities like D4, Murasaki Baby and Dangan Ronpa. And while Final Fantasy is a known quantity, the fifteenth numbered sequel leaves an impression on the guys based on its TGS trailer. Plus, Smash Bros. controller debates, Theatrhythm double dipping and revisiting Mercenary Kings.

9/17/14: #ReSURGEnce

surgesLike a phoenix rising from the ashes, America’s favorite green soft drink (that wasn’t dnL) is back! While the guys gleefully awaits their first Surge shipment, they pass the time by talking about some of their favorite games of the moment. Kaz is burning rubber in the new Forza Horizon 2 demo, Justin is maining Mega Man in the new Super Smash Bros. for 3DS demo, Neil is collecting a bit of loot in Destiny and Tom is Lobo-ing around in Injustice: Gods Among Us. Plus, Dragon Quest V, DanganRonpas 1 and 2, The Walking Dead Season 2 finale and more.

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