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TRP 11/11/14: Unfinished Fight?

No matches found this week! The rough release of The Master Chief Collection, and to a lesser extent Assassin Creed: Unity‘s performance woes, has the Pack talking about botched launches and what we can reasonably expect from our games on Day One. Afterwards, Kaz talks about Halo‘s menus, Tom carves through poo to find The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth‘s hidden treasure, Tony and Neil embark on The Sailor’s Dream, and Justin takes Toejam & Earl online.

TRP 11/5/14: For Squids, By Squids

Yet another Nintendo Direct? How can the Pack be this lucky?! This week, the guys unpack Nintendo’s latest announcements, as well as the surprise holiday price drop for the Xbox One. Afterwards, Tony collects loot 2.0 in the Diablo 3 expansion, Michael drafts Wolverine to his Marvel Heroes 2015 roster, Kaz takes on more mutants in Sunset Overdrive, and Justin dances his way through Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse.

10/29/14: Infinite Bogey

This week, most of the guys are in Kaz’s Cleveland studio to talk games and post-apocalyptic basketball mascots. Kaz, Mike, Tom and Tony have all gotten their hands on the colorful, crude Sunset Overdrive and have much to say. Meanwhile, Justin takes a break from Smash and throws down in the original Bayonetta. Plus, Desert Golf, more Fantasia and a hint of Fantasy Life.

TRP 10/23/14: Super Steve Nash Bros.

Team Thursday all the way! Or at least, Team Should’ve-Been-Uploaded-Thursday! On this bonus installment, Justin gets excited for 8-player Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, while Tony dives into the Abyss Odyssey and goes to battle in The Banner Saga.

TRP 10/21/14: Existential Dread and Loot

Episode317SmallThis week on the podcast Neil, Tom and Kaz get together to dissect Shinji Mikami’s The Evil Within, the good, the bad and the letterboxed. Afterwards Neil tries to find meaning in his Destiny travails and updates the pack on what he’s been doing these past weeks (spoilers: mostly being sick). Then Kaz digs into the beginning of Fantasia: Music Evolved.