TRP 01/12/17: 2017 Top 5 Lists

It’s that time again, the big one, the full megillah, the full spread, the one that counts: The Rumble Pack Top 5 Retrospective. We gather seven of the finest voices in pointless list making and we divulge lists with reckless abandon. This year we shake up the format and spend more time talking about games not on our Top 5 since there was a bit of overlap anticpated.

Full lists of top 5s below the splash art, SPOILER WARNING!!!

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TRP 11/28/17: So Many Games

Tony, Kaz and McFadden gather to discuss a veritable cornucopia of gaming goodness, McFadden buys a Switch, Kaz and Tony hard sell him on Super Mario Odyssey. All three talk Golf Story. And much, much more including: Dead Cells, Kingsway, Nier: Automata and Jackbox Party Pack 4.

TRP 10/21/17: Goodbye Controller

Kaz and McFadden soldier on, discussing the latest lootbox controversy related to Middle-Earth: Shadow of War and Forza Motorsport 7. They also talk about callout culture, which: as a reminder, they discuss from a limited point of view and honestly so. And then wrap up the podcast talking about the superb Cuphead and Golf Story.

TRP 08/19/17: Breaking MMO

Tony survived the deluge in Houston, Neil has a new old addiction in Destiny 2. And Kaz tries to convince McFadden to start digging in Steamworld: Dig 2.

TRP 08/19/17: Eat Your Feelings!

Tony dips into Chunky Chunky Hippo and Pyre in equal parts, McFadden discusses moving and Kaz talks Sonic Mania. And the podcast ends with an in-depth discussion of Hearthstone and its new expansion Knights of the Frozen Throne. And juggalos.


TRP 08/03/17: Privileged Switch Need

Kaz and neil discuss Neil’s sudden desire to join the Switch owning family and his quest to find one “the old-fashioned way”. Later Justin joins to talk about the highs and lows of the latest Switch release Splatoon 2, the highs are real high, and the lows are real confusing.

TRP 06/30/17: 10-Year Funniversary

To celebrate 10 years of excellence, Neil, Kaz, McFadden and Tony introduce the newest Rumble Pack segment and talk about the fun of vacationing on Murder Island, a couple VR experiences and Dead Cells.

TRP 06/20/17: xX_N00bKIllarZ_Xx

Neil, Tony and Kaz gather to react to all the E3 tidbits. Scathing hot takes abound, especially concerning, PSVR, the Xbox One X and Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. Get ready to bust out of prison for this one!

TRP 06/04/17: ARMSed for E3

Justin joins Kaz, McFadden and Tony to talk Switch, E3 excitement and about how good the first half of 2017 has been for gaming (and little else)

TRP 04/26/17: Fighting In Your Underwear

Kaz, Neil and McFadden gather to discuss the announcement of the Xbox Scorpio random numbers and terms, the tragic end of the Nintendo NES Classic, the shaky future of VR investment, solving mysteries on a train in Blackwood Crossing and fighting on an island in your underwear in PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS.

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