TRP 01/09/17: Top 5 Lists for 2016

The siren call of the fable “goaty” has summoned seven combatants to The Rumble Pack arena to compare Top 5 lists and reflect on the year in gaming that was 2016. Buckle up for an extremely long episode!

5. Rhythm Heaven Megamix
4. Pokemon Sun/Moon
3. Enter the Gungeon
2. Inside
1. Furi
5. Slayaway Camp
4. Owlboy
3. Firewatch
2. Crashlands
1. Oxenfree
5. Oxenfree
4. Overwatch
2. Stardew Valley
1. Superhot
4. Obduction
3. Forza Horizon 3
2. Inside
1. Stardew Valley
5. Overcooked
4. Dragon Quest Builders
3. Pokemon Go
2. The Last Guardian
1. Overwatch
5. No Man’s Sky
4. Firewatch
3. Overwatch
2. Inside
1. Oxenfree
5. Firewatch
4. Street Fighter V
3. Uncharted 4
2. Furi
1. Overwatch
Weighted Rankings Combined:
1. Overwatch – 15
2. Inside – 12
3. Oxenfree – 11
4. Stardew Valley – 9
5. Furi – 9
6. Firewatch – 6
7. Superhot – 5
8. Crashlands – 4
9. DOOM – 4
10. The Last Guardian – 4
11. Enter the Gungeon – 3
12. Forza Horizon III – 3
13. Pokemon Go – 3
14. Uncharted 4 – 3
15. Pokemon Sun/Moon – 2
16. Owlboy – 2
17. Obduction – 2
18. Dragon Quest Builders – 2
19. Street Fighter V – 2
20. Rhythm Heaven Megamix – 1
21. Slayaway Camp – 1
22. Overcooked – 1
23. No Man’s Sky – 1


TRP 12/15/2016: What Movie is That From?

Kaz, McFadden and Neil struggle past the pains of adulthood and the tribulations of aging to discuss the latest in geriatric gaming. McFadden feels nauseous playing The Witness. Neil struggles to find time to escape into the VR of Eve: Valkyrie. And Kaz can’t remember that he’s played Titanfall 2, Pokémon: Sun, and Forza Horizon 3 expansion Blizzard Mountain. Isn’t getting old grand?


TRP 12/02/2016: A Dishonorable Truth Hour

Kaz, McFadden and Tony gather to get real and provide the motivational speaking that today’s youth demand. Or to permanently damage the psyche of everyone young listener. Oh and they discuss Dishonored 2, Titanfall 2 multiplayer and episode380 updates. And McFadden gets real about how much Niantic hates him personally.

TRP 11/10/16: Sit the Nuclear Throne

Tony, Kaz and McFadden try to cope with living in Trumpmerica by playing video games.


TRP 10/21/16: Switch Hitters

Justin hops on for a very special discussion of a 3 minute long video. We talk for much longer than that about the Nintendo Switch, but then again everyone on the internet is. After that, Neil and Justin tell us about the first week with the PlayStation VR and McFadden and Justin talk Paper Mario: Color Splash.Episode378

TRP 10/07/16: Virtual Perfection

Kaz, Tony and McFadden discuss the finer points of middle eastern diplomacy in the subtle way that only they can. Also some VR outsider talk and love for Forza Horizon 3.


TRP 9/9/16: Layers of Courage

Kaz and McFadden sit down to talk press conferences. The surprise of Mario at the Apple briefing. The courage it takes to boldly proclaim your newest product is the best yet. The courage it takes to release a new console that is slightly better for some people. The courage to play games that don’t live up to expectations. And the real courage it takes to beat a stupid joke into the ground.


TRP 8/18/16: No Man’s Brainzone

Welcome to the BRAINZONE, your number one podcast for brain related factoids. Kaz, Neil, Tony and McFadden gather to ponder the infiniteness of No Man’s Sky and discuss the old school fun of DOOM (2016). Kaz talks old fashioned board-games in the form of Tyrants of the Underdark and McFadden holds to his promise form last week to ask question about Hearthstone and it’s latest expansion.


TRP 8/14/16: Pokémon NO GO

Episode374Tony listens in horror as Kaz and McFadden dissect the Pokémon GO rise and downfall in excruciating detail.

TRP 8/4/16: INSIDE Spoilercast

Neil and Kaz gather to spoil the living daylights out of Inside. We’ll have a full episode next week, if you haven’t played Inside yet (It’s only 3-4 hours long, go play it!) you should probably skip this one.


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