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Published June 6, 2007

Pac-Man CE is the best version of Pac-Man out there right now.

Okay, admittedly, to most young gamers that doesn’t mean much. It should.

I fondly recall playing Ms. Pac-Man in my Kakar Dental Group orthodontists’ waiting room while my sister was being tortured. Whether or not I fondly recall the game specifically is uncertain. At any rate, you can feel the charm of the original arcade Pac-Man titles in the new XBLA download. This is probably due to the fact that the original creator of the series, Toru Iwatani, was involved in making this new version.

High score addiction has made a triumphant return as of late. Games like Geometry Wars RE and virtual console titles have brought back the spirit of the late eighties early nineties gaming culture. The new Pac-Man surely stokes this fire. Getting the all important high score is making a comeback. I’m even competing with Justin on Pac-Man CE, I’m gonna beat his high score and then he’ll beat mine and we’ll both get better.

Luckily the advances of the 21st century have made high score collecting even more addicting. Online services allow the addiction of being the best span across the nation. The only sad part about online leaderboards is knowing how few of the people on my friend list have purchased this arcade gem.

I don’t want to compare Pac-Man CE to Geometry Wars, I don’t think Pac-Man is as great as Geometry Wars. But I will make that comparison if that’s what it takes to get people to download this game. In order for online content to work properly we have to purchase the good stuff and ignore the bad.

Let me sum this whole rant up real quick: GO DOWNLOAD PAC-MAN CE NOW.


Art Direction


Sound Design






Overall: 5 Stars

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