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Published June 14, 2007

I’ve never been consistent with any form of blogging since I started podcasting with RoflcopterDown. Now that we’ve moved up to a big boy site I feel like I should really update my blog frequently. Since I normally just gripe about things that irritate me in my blog I’m going to make a concerted effort to stray from just that.

In order to facilitate this, it makes sense that my first post in my own blog be about making the site. I suppose I should thank our host DreamHost and my friend and fraternity brother Ben Golub for hooking our site up with its new digs. The creation of this site and the message boards has been really simple, I clicked around for a while until the WordPress and phpBB installs were done and then I just had to setup accounts and PodPress to make the site work. All that was left was a lot of style sheet tweaking and photoshopping a new set of logos for the new name.

On a related note: the new name arose at roughly 3:00am EST during a conversation between me and fellow presenter Justin. Maybe Tom will post some of the awesome potential names we were throwing around (mostly inside jokes), or maybe we’ll discuss this on the first or second episode of the new season.

At any rate, I need to get some much deserved sleep, I’ve been puling some late hours to get the new website ready for the awesomeness that will be our new season. I can guarantee the same level of hilarity, fun and debate that went into RoflcopterDown will go into The Rumble Pack. hopefully we can reach a larger audience with the new name, website and image.


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