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Published September 16, 2015

Tom, Kaz and Neil gather to discuss Mario’s anniversary and the PlayStation VR (Morpheus) naming. Wax poetic about the spiritual sequel to Mario Paint in Super Mario Maker. Discuss the finer points of piloting drunk B.U.D.s to the appropriate facilities. And pick apart, with some spoilers, what they liked and didn’t like about Until Dawn.


  1. It’s the 30th anniversary of Super Mario Bros.’s release in Japan.

    The Dreamcast development codename was Katana.

    Gravity Rush is called Gravity Daze in Japan, hence the confusion. (The sequel actually hasn’t been formally announced for the U.S. yet.)

    Kingdom Hearts 3 is in active development and was shown at E3 this year: (Granted, that could still mean it’s an eternity away, but it’s a lot more than we’ve had to go on for the past several years now.)

    Oh, and you should all try my Super Mario Maker stages. Here’s a level code to get you started: B0F4-0000-0044-CD37

    • Kaz Kaz

      We can’t possibly have hope for KH3 at this point. It’s just been too long.

      I knew the naming difference for Gravity Rush/Daze I just didn’t know of they were going to unify the names for the sequel. Nicolo’s tweets after the press conference made me think that the official title for the sequel would be Gravity Daze 2 in all territories, but now I think that’s wrong.

      I have been playing everyone’s levels on Mario Maker, it’s really let me know which of my friends are huge jerks!!! 🙂

  2. Kaz Kaz

    It isn’t until I started looking at the comment section that I realized how much having a mobile version of our website makes responding easier.

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