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Published September 8, 2015

Until Dawn is not a great game, it’s far from a perfect game, in fact, it has many flaws.


Anywho, I really liked Until Dawn.

We played through the 8 hours of Until Dawn‘s campaign in one sitting. We know it took 8 hours because every minute of our play through was streamed onto Twitch (and is now forever preserved on YouTube). This was the absolute best way to power through the game, having multiple players and lots of commentary was ideal (the commentary was not recorded, this will be remedied by the time Soma comes out).

You have to know exactly what you’re getting into with Until Dawn, this is a love letter to teen slasher flicks. All of the tropes are there, all of the cookie-cutter characters are present. It’s all entirely predictable, but that familiarity leads to being able to appreciate the things that Supermassive execute well. The many blemishes on the experience meld into the background.

If the experience was two hours shorter and the fat of the second half of the story was trimmed down a bit this game would be an easy 5 star experience. As such, it falls just short.

Pretty dang good, not the best but I'm excited to finish the game, which says a lot for someone at my stage in life...

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