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Published February 17, 2012

The Pack was so swept off their feet by Dustforce that they brought on HitBox Team to talk about the game. Programmer Lexie Dostal and sound designer Terrence Lee tell the guys about the level designing process, speed-run tips, the upcoming level editor and more. Afterwards, Justin disapproves of the Resident Evil Revelations localization, Tony sets up shop in Recettear and Kaz loves lugging stuff around in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.  Plus, a keyboard and mouse question, Kickstarter-related happiness, posies for Nemesis, Rhythm Heaven Fever and Time Warner’s cruelest joke.

Relevant Links:

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  1. Jard Jard

    It appears the episode only has the interview with the dustforce peeps.

  2. Whoops! We’ll have the full episode up very soon. Sorry about the confusion.

    • Wait, I’m listening to it now and it’s the full episode. Not sure what you’re hearing, Jared.

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