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Published February 9, 2012

Welcome to the latest installment of inspired idiocy. This week, Jeff Agala, Klei Entertainment’s creative director, returns to the podcast to talk about Shank 2. Tune in to find why this sequel makes Justin so happy. After the interview, Kaz embarks on endless side quests in Kingdoms of Necrid…er…Amalur, Tom fights with Baby WaSophitia in Soul Calibur V, Justin finds a pocket big enough for his Circle Pad Pro and a special ghost travels through time in Final Fantasy XIII-2. Plus, the Ivy League, Sir Hootington, Afro Thunder, Abobo’s Big Adventure, Zack Snyder’s latest barf on the screen, Shadows of the Damned‘s extended dick joke, Sakura Samurai and Vita anticipation.

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