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Published February 2, 2012

It’s time for Alan Wake’s moment in the spotlight. This week, the guys chat with Oskari Häkkinen, Remedy’s head of franchise development, about Alan Wake’s American Nightmare. They discuss the XBLA title’s scope, new enemies, soundtracks and more. Afterwards, Justin fights off the Mutant Mudds, Kaz digs the European jank of The Witcher 2 and Tom curses Skyward Sword‘s tedious robot assistant. Plus, the enduring work of Jay Johnston, buckling off this mortal coil, the addiction of Isaac, loud feet, Soul Calibur 5‘s limited single player surprises, favorite Justin memories and Virtual Boy pseud0-love.

Relevant Links:

Jay “Not Justin” Johnston

“Keep the Change”

The Fistula Foundation (a truly wonderful cause)


  1. It seemed like it would be out of place on the podcast (and I sort of backpedaled in our Isaac discussion because it seemed in poor taste), but everyone should check out the Fistula Foundation and give a couple bucks. A small donation can help drastically improve the quality of a woman’s life. (PSA over.)

  2. shadowguy shadowguy

    I know we all love “The Binding of Issac” but did you hear about the DLC the developer has in the works?

  3. Evidently, there’s a two minute silence following our interview. Not sure how that slipped into the final cut. Feel free to just fast forward a couple minutes ahead.

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