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Published September 15, 2011

You’re very lucky! This weak, the Pack delves into the recent Nintendo press conference and some of the news coming out of the 2012 Tokyo Game Show. The future is still unclear for both the 3DS and Vita, but it’s guaranteed that the handheld “war” will be fascinating to watch. Afterwards, Justin is moved by the latest LittleBigPlanet 2 DLC, Kaz joins the Third Reich (but not really!) in Red Orchestra 2, and Tom’s not such a screw up after all in Star Fox 64 3D. Plus, Bearry White, another assault on the embassy, Monster Hunter 4 anticipation, Kirby Mass Attack, even more Deus Ex cookie whiffs and Nathan Lane.

Relevant Links:

Monster Hunter 4 Trailer

The Official Rumble Flyer (Big thanks to Mik of The Fanboys!)


  1. This week’s contest question:

    Which single game have you played to death? We’re talking endless hours here.

    A random commenter will win a copy of God of War: Origins Collection for PS3.

  2. david zhang david zhang

    I use to play Maplestory non stop. I would play til 5am in the morning and wake up at like 4pm. Grinding and selling items took several hours, but was fun at the same time. I’ve spent countless hours on a lot of MMORPG but maplestory the most.

  3. Aaron Aaron

    League of Legends is the most recent one. I used to play Command and Conquer: Red Alert for entirely too many hours every day. I don’t know why I’m answering this, because I don’t own a PS3. If I win, I donate my copy God of War to Child’s Play or something. Hospitalized children enjoy brutally hacking people to bits in high definition, right?

  4. Tony Huspaska Tony Huspaska

    Since there’s a manly prize being offered, I’m less reluctant to put my man card in question. I have an abnormal addiction to Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise. I have clocked an ungodly amount of hours in this game as I have spent countless nights tricking piñatas into my garden solely to feed them to my current pets. I have worked tirelessly growing plants and trees in order to entice fickle animals to begin a creepy and slightly confusing incestuous journey towards making me a master romancer. I have hunted pengums and camellos in their native habitat all for the purpose of making them mine and outfitting them with tuxedo bowties and pirate eyepatches. I am ashamed. You know what though? I’ll do it all again dammit. Those were the best 100 hours if my life. I regret nothing!

    • Nathan Nathan

      Totally man, Viva Pinata manages to be rewarding pretty much forever.

  5. Drahken Drahken

    The most recent game I spent way too much time on was Dragon Quest IX. But historically, Tales of Symphonia, Diablo 2, Ogre Battle 64, and of course Disgaea all jump to mind as games I spent significant portions of my life on.

  6. Nathan Nathan

    It’s probably Jet Set Radio. I’ve replayed it at least once or twice a year since 2000, and a common playthrough is 9 to 10 hours, so I’ve spent about 110 hours due in no small part to how fantastic the soundtrack is and how satisfying it is to do those little joystick spin minigames to tag stuff.

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