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Published September 6, 2011

This week’s episode is powered by the flames of burning Cavs jerseys. In this installment, Kaz ponders why Madden 12 seems so similar to last year’s model, Justin drops some elefunk in Rock of Ages and Tom dreams of a Deus Ex without controversy. Plus, the Nintendo embassy, a jump into the pool, Dragon Quest X, Steam hat sharing, Tetris-ing meats and gargling aquarium gravel.

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  1. This week’s contest question:

    What’s your old school badge of courage?

    Respond to this comment for a chance to win a free download of Terraria.

    • my old school badge of courage is Aladdin for the snes. I played i had every level down to a science. If i had been more or just older I wouldve recorded my play-throughs. Such finesse…

      Btw, i only have a mac so i don’t think i’d be able to use Terraria, just wanted to share. luv ya.

    • Hargrada Hargrada

      The one that I remember most was beating Metal Storm (NES) during its second rental. Piloting a cool mech with gravity powers = awesome at 12 years old! Nowadays, I can’t even get halfway thru this or the Ninja Gaiden games without resorting to save states 🙁

      I never owned that many games when I was young, so I ended up renting a ton of them from local video stores. Places like Videots or Ultimate Video got a ton of my (parents) money.

  2. Nathan Nathan

    I beat the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle NES game back in the early 90’s, but haven’t been able to recreate that success since. That technodrome was nightmare fuel.

  3. Andy Andy

    Battle toads and double dragons the key was to use the level were you fell down a shaft to max out lives so you had max chance to beat speeder bike level tried recently to beat it again as a adult and got my pride shoved in a box and mailed to megan fox to shamed and ridiculed.

  4. Aaron Aaron

    Umm… Mario 3 I guess? idk, I can’t compete with Andy’s Battletoads victory. Pretty sure I also beat Aladdin for the Genesis when I rented it.

    Oh, I also got the max possible score in Duck Hunt to figure out if the score wraps. Fun fact: it doesn’t!

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