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Published June 2, 2011

Step into our horse barn, won’t you? This week, the full Pack holds its deck close to its vest, or something to that effect. Justin gets his groove back in Patapon 3, Tom experiences Boobageddon in Dead or Alive Dimensions, Kaz makes waves with his Windows Phone and Hydro Thunder Go, and Tony watches McGyver. Plus, the “Grand Prix,” Subway achievement points, PSCitrus Wax, CoDBlOps subscriptions, grabbed ghoulies, E3 predictions and…Inuyasha?

Relevant Links:

Homicide’s “Three Men & Adena”


  1. shadowguy shadowguy

    I don’t get it? Other than detective Munch from Law & Order is in it.

  2. I reference that episode in our show. That’s only the first segment. You can find the rest in the related videos section, methinks.

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