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Published May 27, 2011

The Rumble Pack is surviving the game(s) this week. This week, Kaz plows through Dirt 3, Justin shamefully cares for his new Eye Pet and Tony finds gold hidden within Cadavers. Justin and Kaz also establish a psychic plowing link, as they cover Lume, rally racers, and a ton of cases from L.A. Noire. Plus, Netflix queues, the Gambit system explored, Kinect monster mashing and Dead or Alive Dimensions.

Relevant Links:

Kaz drives like a champ in Dirt 3

Mr. Show‘s “Monster Parties: Fact or Fiction”


  1. shadowguy shadowguy

    wow Kaz, that looked like you were going to have a perfect run. That is until the last second, I would hate to be the camera guy in front of that. ;(

    • Kaz Kaz

      While parts of it look controlled, I was swinging wildly across the road the whole run. Partly due to trying to configure controls, partly due to being rusty at rally games. Of note: the artifacting in that video occurs in any high speed impact in cockpit view, and it’s a pretty classy effect.

  2. Hargrada Hargrada

    While you guys were talking about Lume, I kept thinking you were refering to the old LucasArts SCUMM game Loom. It’s only now (days later) that I see the spelling difference.

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