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Published September 21, 2010
Running Riot! This week’s show has something for everyone. The guys start off talking about Halo Reach. From ostrich blasting to the campaign story, they leave no cat helmet unturned. It’s not all about the frags though, as there are tons of Tokyo Game Show announcements to celebrate. Later, Justin thinks fourth dimensionally in Professor Layton and the Unwound Future, Nick finally wraps up Final Fantasy XIII, Tom’s skills evolve in Space Invaders: Infinity Gene and Kaz salivates over Civilization V. Plus, Move apathy, hoverboards and The Fonz.
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  1. Jard Jard

    i know you guys have a shownotes (which is how i finally found out you were talking aobut Space Invaders: Infinity Gene, but you need to actually SAY the NAME of games you talk about. multiple times would be swell too.

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