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Published September 14, 2010

Episode 155: Home in Time for Cornflakes

Make the most of the lull! On the eve of Halo Reach‘s release, the Pack digs into its backlog of games. Justin finally checks out Crackdown 2, but not even agility orbs are enough to hold his attention. (The discussion eventually becomes an examination of the value of game previews.) Tom and Nick stalk their pray in Splinter Cell: Conviction and explore the DLC galaxy of Mass Effect 2, while Kaz does something that Justin is too tired to remember. In a non-gaming tangent, Tony also weighs in on Hulu Plus vs. Netflix. If only he had time for either. Plus, Ironside reminiscing, Recettear, Plants vs. Zombies on XBLA and midnight releases.

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Recettear Official Site

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