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Published September 28, 2010

We’ll kick you apart! This week, the Pack finishes the beginning of the finishing of the fight in Halo Reach‘s campaign. Spoilers begin at 2min and end at 16min. so fast forward if you’re not quite finished. Nick apparently likes to Move it (Move it), and he gives his full report on Sony’s new motion controller. Kaz spends countless hours plotting world domination in Civilization V, while Justin drowns Hydrophobia in a downpour of hate. Plus, thoughts on the BioShock Infinite, LittleBigPlanet 2 blues, George Washington and global board games.

Relevant Links:

Brad Neely’s “George Washington”

BioShock Infinite Gameplay Trailer


  1. mik mik

    A navigation controller? Is there even a game that uses the navigation controller at this point? I think two Moves is the way to go.

    • Nick Nick

      RE5: Gold Edition actually uses it really well, but you’re right, there’s definitely not a lot to take advantage of it. Apparently Time Crisis will use it in some capacity too…

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