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Published December 1, 2009

A couple weeks ago, we published a LittleBigPlanet feature that focused, in part, on how to reinvigorate sales and raise awareness of what the game was all about. Imagine my surprise then when Nicolo directed me to the television spot embedded below:

I wish I had seen this before we “went to press.” Whether or not you’re a fan of the “It Only Does Everything” campaign, you must admit that it’s refreshing to see a company promoting a game that’s over a year old. It’s not unprecedented – World of Warcraft ads are still going strong, for instance – but this is the first time I can recall seeing ads this late in the game for such a modest seller. Maybe if* LBP rebound a bit, we’ll see other publishers trying this too. It’s not too late for Boom Blox, EA!*That’s a monumentally big “if.” I’m not delusional.

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