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Published November 16, 2009

Welcome all to our biggest feature yet. While not all of us here at the Rumble Pack are huge platforming nuts, all of us can appreciate the talent and joy that goes into an excellent user-made LittleBigPlanet level. So to celebrate one year of Popits, Paintinators and pulling our friends into bottomless pits, we’ve compiled an LBP blowout. Follow the links below for…

Building Upon a Solid Foundation: An opinion piece from Justin on why the game still matters and how to build sales momentum in year two.

Our Own Favorite Levels: We promise you won’t see any of the usual genre cliches here.

An Interview with Joe O’Rourke ( Joe talks about the loyal LBP community and why the game’s groundbreaking level design tools have captured its imagination.

And as always, let us know about your favorite levels, multiplayer moments, costumes or whatever else is on your mind on our message boards! The game’s all about sharing, after all.

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