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Published November 30, 2009

It looks like we’ve survived the November onslaught long enough to do some blogging on the side. As always, this month was a big month for big games, but Nick, Kaz and Justin kept their eyes on the more niche releases and the handheld scene. (Editor’s Note: Kaz would probably get mad at me for categorizing Forza 3 as niche.) After you’re done with your modern warfare, you should look back to our blogs to see what you may have missed.

We should also mention that we’re going to be handling our blogs a little differently in the future. We’ll keep the personal stuff relegated to our own individual pages, but if we think want we have to say pertains to gaming our or podcast, we’ll post it on the main page too. We’re hoping this will bring a steadier flow of content, but let us know what you think in the meantime.

Here’s what’s noteworthy right now:

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