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Published October 23, 2007

The full cast makes a triumphant, somewhat distorted, return! Tom, Nick, Justin and Kaz belt out what they have had stuck in their trays this week. Including but not limited to: Warhawk, more Resistance, Final Fantasy Tactics, Breath of Fire II (for the last time?), Brain Age 2, Guitar Hero III Demo and Looney Tunes: Duck Amok. Justin and Nick ponder the fate of Street Fighter IV and its implications while Kaz and Tom fret for the latest guitar offering. Septembers rip roaring NPDs make an appearance and no one can explain the Wii’s sales. The shows ends with a rundown of all the obscure game news we could find and a tired crew. Round 1, FIGHT!


  1. McFadden McFadden

    the mp3 download for this episode seems to have an error somewhere.

    this makes me sad cause that’s how i gets me pak

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