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Published October 30, 2007

Rumor has it that if you listen to our spooktacular Halloween episode the ghost of Ooey Booey will kill you with bad special effects. Muah ha ha haaaa!

 Justin, Tom, Nick and Kaz meet in the digital world to bring you their thoughts on video games this week. Nick and Tom talk about the fun they’ve had with Zack and Wiki. Kaz talks about why everyone was right about Lair. While Justin gives his opinion on more handheld titles and some “interesting” arcade games. In the second segment Nick, Tom and Kaz go to town on Guitar Hero III, which leads, inexorably, to a Rock Band versus Guitar Hero discussion. Then the gang contemplates Nintendo’s Wii getting marketplace penetration in China (marketing speak guaranteed to get you an M rating, Wii? Penetration?). Then the news rundown rounds out a spooky episode. Boo! Headshot!

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