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Published October 16, 2007

All four casters unite again for a brief period of time. The opening segment finds Nick, Tom and Kaz discussing more “Breath of Fire II moments in translation brilliance”. Once that’s over with they discuss Nick’s purchase of a PS3, and all the demos that they could get their hands on. Kaz finds Metroid Prime 3 not to his liking and Tom got tricked into playing the Conan demo on the PS3. Justin phones in from China for a relatively distorted conversation, he weighs in on the WiiWare and some of the Smash updates. The news finds Nick having and nerdgasm over the confirmed inclusion of his favorite character in his favorite game, and the discussion of the shocking Bioware and Pandemic sellout. Showing the huge difference in third party mentality in the US versus Japan. Order up a Donkey Burger for this one!

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  1. Justin Hemenway Justin Hemenway

    Dear audience,

    I promise to stop participating in the podcast until I find a decent connection. I’m sorry for the audio problems.

    Angry J

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