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Published December 22, 2011


It’s time to ring in the new year with your old friends at The Rumble Pack. The enormous distance between us usually forces us to record over Skype, but because we’ll all be in the same city for a change – the first time in years – it made sense to try the whole “call-in podcast” thing again. You’ll be able to watch us via video stream, call up our special “” Skype line and chat with other members of the Rumble Nation.

Our live show will include:

  • Our Game of the Year lists, complete with heckling
  • A Secret Santa exchange
  • A pre-recorded ghostly visit
  • Bro-hugs, pointless taste tests, call-in questions and more

Hopefully you can find time between your winter holidays to tune in. We’ll be releasing our video feed details in the coming days, so watch this space!


  1. shadowguy shadowguy

    Are we going to need Skype in order to listen?

  2. No sir, just the video feed link, which we’ll provide as soon as we have that set up. You will need Skype to call in though.

    • shadowguy shadowguy

      want not trying to be a nag but its 6:44 cst time Dec.29 and I’m not seeing anything, so am I late?

  3. Socrates Socrates

    is there a chance the track could bend?

  4. Kaz Kaz

    We’re almost set up. Sorry for the delay!

    Also, not on your life, my Hindu friend!

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