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Published September 30, 2011

Put on your game face and get pumped. This week, the Pack drafts its picks for the mightiest fantasy contest ever conceived by nerds. After they put their fates on the line, Kaz celebrates the out-of-beta Dominion, Justin holds onto his mitten in Resistance 3 and Tom continues to pile on the Kirby Mass Attack. Plus, the CODBLOPS Connection, Snuffaluffagus cosplay, a Four Swords freebie and building our gaming lexicon.

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  1. This week’s contest question:

    Which traditionally single player series would you like to see receive a multiplayer spinoff?

    The randomly picked winner will be Steamed a free copy of The Binding of Isaac.

  2. Shadowguy Shadowguy

    I feel that I might be wrong but Shin Megami Tensi might be interesting?

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