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Published August 18, 2011

Prepared to get schooled. This week, the Pack talks with Vblank Entertainment’s Brian Provinciano, the multi-talented mind behind Retro City Rampage. The guys have anticipated this amazing game for years, and Brian delves into how the game came to be and why it has taken so long to reach online marketplaces. (This is an abridged cut of the interview. You can listen to the entire conversation with Brian in our most recent Rumble special podcast.) After the interview, Justin feebly directs his Swarm to a distant, blue sphincter, Kaz explores the expansive collection of StarCraft II mods and Tom attempts to wave his hands through Child of Eden‘s hard mode. Plus, Ninja Theory’s take on Dante, DOTA 2 trailer speculation, cinder block Wii U cartridges and our collective man-crush on John Goodman.

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  1. shadowguy shadowguy

    Wait I WON? I REALLY WON!? wow now that is a first. I can’t wait to play cold war.

  2. Yeah, we’ll have full impressions next week, but all signs point to it being a winner.

    I hope we get to Gamescom next week, but even if we don’t, the one thing that the event proved was that I desperately want a PS Vita. A very strong software lineup and very strong hardware.

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