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Published May 12, 2011

They may have permanently shed a teammate, but the Pack fights on. This week, Justin misleads nobody into playing Bangai-O HD: Missile Fury and Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom, Tom completes his trek through the OutLand, Kaz talks League of Legends nitty-gritty (including “Rumble”) and Tony tries the iPhone version of Swords and Sworcery. Plus, Le Petit Mighty Milky Way, Portal 2 co-op impressions, the mysterious missing 3DS eShop (and already lost bet), dopey muppets, Undead Nightmare and more.


  1. Kaz actually suggested a lot of the Chell/Caroline connections right after we recorded the big Portal 2 episode. It’d certainly make the relationship with Glados much more interesting.

  2. shadowguy shadowguy

    Oh Kaz did? well I kind of missed it since I focused on the puzzles so much. The translated turret orchestra was also cool even though I thought at first when I saw the four turrets at the ending were going riddle Chell with bullets while Glados sadistically laughs at her.

  3. Davide Davide

    The 5 min of League talk may have been the greatest thing ever. Can’t get enough of that game, or Rumble The Mechanized Menace.

    Nick is missed. Pouring one out.

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