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Published March 23, 2011

Who: Everyone

What: Pokémon + Poker = “Pokermon” (GET IT?)

Where: Xbox Live, Skype

When: Thursday, March 24th at 9:00 p.m. EST

Why: Because Justin’s all too eager to cough up Bulbasaurs and chips.

Doing two games at once might be hectic, but they’re both passive enough that it shouldn’t be overwhelming. If you’re not a Pokénut, good for you! We’ll have plenty of folks on hand dedicated to just robbing Justin blind.

**The first 20 trainers will get free Zoruas fresh from Ditto’s “womb”

RSVP here

By the way, our GamerTags are:

OrangeLazarus14 (Justin)
Nikoro (Nick)
Kazinova (Kaz)
Ferretom (Tom)
ted2000aed (Tony)

For Skypers, send a howdy to Sasquatch261 (Justin) and we’ll hook you up!


  1. shadowguy shadowguy

    your gonna have to re-post your gamer tags again so we can join.

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