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Published January 5, 2011

There can only be three! This week, Nick, Kaz and Justin have a relatively unfocused discussion on all of their holiday gaming and crazy sales. Nick straps on Diddy in Donkey Kong Country Returns, while Justin and Kaz celebrate the joys of the 2010 winter Steam sale. Machinarium, Left 4 Dead 2, The Path, The Void and more are covered within. Plus, the January gaming triumvirate, bed-wetting Sims and Kirby’s epic package.

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  1. Frankie Frankie

    Suprised to hear how soured everyone is on Dead Space 2. It was this time last year that Dead Space had about a 4 episode arc on your guys show. I throughly enjoyed the first one and picked it up based on your guys recommendation. Stunned to hear the second one being written off already.

  2. I’m still quite fond of the original Dead Space, and I hope the sequel is a creative success. I’m just worried that the thrill of the unknown will be gone. The demo definitely suggested a “safe” sequel, and as I said on the show, I’m going to miss exploring that derelict spaceship. On the plus side, Isaac going crazy sounds promising.

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