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Published August 17, 2010

Skyward ho! Though BioShock Infinite won’t be ready until 2012, Justin, Tom and Kaz are eager to talk about the early glimpse of Irrational’s dirigible dystopia. Is this the sequel/prequel they’ve been looking for? After a look to the distant future, Justin and Tom win Romona’s heart in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, while Kaz wins big money and big prizes in Monday Night Combat. Plus, an apology to Deathsmiles, accidental ODST, dogs in wheelchairs and the value/time ratio analyzed.

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  1. Nick Nick

    Man, make me listen to the very end, why don’t you?

    No apologies necessary – anyone who suffers through the glares upon picking up that game becomes rewarded with easy achievements and one of the coolest shoot’em-ups I’ve played in years.

    Death Smiles is pretty great. If you still have it, we should totally co-op through it.


  2. Thanks Shawn!

    Also, Nick, I do want to make it clear that while we may have sensationalized the ickiness just a bit, I don’t think it’s a particularly great shooter either. “Lollis” (ugh) aside, the art is still pretty garish. Pre-rendered sprites almost never work out. Also, there’s just not much of a hook here besides being able to shoot in both directions. With Ikaruga, Galaga Legions and Assault Heroes 1/2 readily available, Deathsmiles only comes recommended if you can’t get enough of the genre. It’s competent, but only special because new top-down shooters are so scarce.

    On the plus side, the last boss is named Tyranosatan, which will now be used for my firstborn son, too.

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