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Published August 3, 2010

Stop waddling and listen up! Though the Pack is down two men, Tom, Justin and Kaz are still here to deliver the goods. Justin continues to bag/tag ’em in Dragon Quest IX, Tom boots up Mother 3 on his magical VCR and Kaz pumps out vespene gas in StarCraft II. On top of that, there’s D.J. Hero scratching, Face Pilot gliding, Hydro Thunder cruising and 3D technology speculating in this very packed episode.

Relevant Links:

BlayzBloo Trailer

Poor Samba de Amigo Monkey


  1. Thanks to Josh for the voicemail. We realize that we only answered part of his question in retrospect. We listened to the message before the show, but apparently forgot a few details. Apologies. BTW: We’re working on being able to play clips “live” during the show rather than editing them in post.

  2. […] circle, either. But I’m not bringing this up as purely gloom and doom. As Kaz and I both stated on the podcast, we both intend to purchase Kinect at launch and want nothing but the best for the device.* Rather, […]

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