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Published July 15, 2010

After Blizzard’s “Real ID” fiasco, Nick and Justin wouldn’t dream of asking you to give up your Rumble handle, but they can’t help wondering how a more open community might work. Luckily, a Gamasutra analysis serves as a worthy devil’s advocate. The guys also discuss 1up’s tribute to the ROM hacking underground and fan translations. Those English patches for old Super Famicom games are definitely appreciated, but how can future projects survive in a post-DRM era?

Relevant Links:

Kris Graft’s “Why Was Blizzard’s ‘Real ID’ Such an Issue?”

Bob Mackey’s “Found in Translation”

Tom Bissell’s “The Grammar of Fun”


  1. There were a few things I had to yell at my iPod about while listening… but it was a great episode gentlemen. Keep it up..

    But I was one who supported Blizzard putting peoples names out there on the message board. Those boards have become a pool of death with people not even having enough balls to post under their own characters. What they’ll do is create a level 1 in WoW and post under that. Grow some balls.

    But the realID stuff is also in game and it’s actually kind of useful. I can add say my cohost Kyle by swapping emails and he shows up in my friends list with his real name.

    What’s cool about that is, I can be playing Starcraft II and he’s in WoW but we both can be talking to each other from different games.

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