The Rumble Reader Episode 7: Strangers on a Raid

After Blizzard’s “Real ID” fiasco, Nick and Justin wouldn’t dream of asking you to give up your Rumble handle, but they can’t help wondering how a more open community might work. Luckily, a Gamasutra analysis serves as a worthy devil’s advocate. The guys¬†also discuss 1up’s tribute to the ROM hacking underground and fan translations. Those English patches for old Super Famicom games are definitely appreciated, but how can¬†future projects survive in a post-DRM era?

Relevant Links:

Kris Graft’s “Why Was Blizzard’s ‘Real ID’ Such an Issue?”

Bob Mackey’s “Found in Translation”

Tom Bissell’s “The Grammar of Fun”


  • Yes, I know it’s not “mod” hacking.

  • There were a few things I had to yell at my iPod about while listening… but it was a great episode gentlemen. Keep it up..

    But I was one who supported Blizzard putting peoples names out there on the message board. Those boards have become a pool of death with people not even having enough balls to post under their own characters. What they’ll do is create a level 1 in WoW and post under that. Grow some balls.

    But the realID stuff is also in game and it’s actually kind of useful. I can add say my cohost Kyle by swapping emails and he shows up in my friends list with his real name.

    What’s cool about that is, I can be playing Starcraft II and he’s in WoW but we both can be talking to each other from different games.

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