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Published June 11, 2010

Heroes like Kratos and Marcus Fenix have garnered a lot of attention in recent years, but this week, Justin and Nick chat with Christian Nutt, Gamasutra’s Features Director, about why he thinks these guys are just empty cranky-pants. Instead, the guys salute* games like Heavy Rain and Mother 3 that emphasize character depth and humanity. Nutt discusses how solid writing can go a long way towards creating a more believable, fleshed-out world. Perhaps we’ll see a shift at E3, just as long as the marketing muscle doesn’t get in the way.

*Also, their shorts, of course.

Relevant Links:

Christian Nutt’s “Characters. the Building Blocks of Your Reality”


  1. For the record, I meant that Mother 3 DIDN’T pull punches. *Cringe*

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