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Published May 11, 2010

All praise to HAL Laboratory for bestowing upon us the ultimate time killer. That’s right – Picross 3D has taken hold of the Rumble Pack and isn’t letting go. However, its blocky charms did not consume the guys completely. Kaz stages a zergling rush in the Starcraft II beta, Tony follows the liter in another Left 4 Dead 2 mutation, Tom pitches in a few shillings for the Humble Indie Bundle and Justin wanders around Sword Base aimlessly in the Halo Reach beta. Plus, LittleBigPlanet 2 reactions and the fattest fingers in town.

Relevant Links:

The Humble Indie Bundle Official Page


  1. If I sound kind of “out of it this week,” I was having some technical issues during the show. You better believe that I have a lot more to say about LittleBigPlanet 2! No more mic problems from my end, I promise.

  2. mik mik

    There are lots of good tenpenki games (the style of game that Picross is) on the iPhone. My favorite is 365 Puzzle Club, which has sudoku, kakuro, and tenpenki. I think it’s two dollars–but it has hundreds of puzzles to play.

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