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Published March 17, 2010

Nick’s back from San Francisco with his full report on the Game Developers Conference. Before the rundown, the guys shunt their way into the Blur beta, Tony offers some Toy Soldiers multiplayer Pro-Tips and Kaz zooms into the R.U.S.E. virtual tabletop. Later, our Rumble representative has the full GDC scoop on the Playstation Move, potential indie gems and a few choice panels from the event. Plus, summertime Quizno’s shenanigans and a “Hurt Locker”/Minesweeper dream pairing.

Relevant Links:

Minesweeper FAQs

Audio from Will Wright’s “Metaphysics in Gaming” GDC Presentation


  1. A Warioware DIY game involving a quart of gatorade and a giant Quizno’s cup must be made.

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