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Published January 26, 2010

If you’re a Capcom fan, you’ll want to put down your joystick and turn up the volume for this one! Jim Zubkavich, Project Manager at UDON Entertainment, visits the show this week, and he’s no wet noodle. He tells the guys about the recently released Tatsunoko vs. Capcom endings, creating stories for beloved Street Fighters, HD Remix sprite work, lush art books and much more. After the interview, stay tuned for a Mass Effect Hyper Combo Finish. If you’re a little fuzzy on Commander Shepard’s first adventure, Tom, Nick and Kaz will get you up to speed. Justin and Tony also provide some gravity-defying VVVVVV love. Plus, RPG taxonomy (oh boy!) and heaping bowls of breakfast cereal!

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  1. Drew Drew

    I love hearing your segment on the Gamehounds humpdate but I’m on the Zune marketplace and I can’t find you guys there, nor can I really figure out how to download the shows. It just takes me to the player. I would quite enjoy listening to you guys if you can put it up on the Zune marketplace! Thanks

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