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Published November 17, 2009

The Pack weathered all sorts of hardships this week – fire alarms, disturbing Skype chats, shoddy wi-fi connections – but they’ll stop at nothing to make sure you get your weekly Rumble fix. If you’re trying to escape the Modern Warfare 2 media blitz, you’re probably listening to the wrong show, but at least Kaz, Tony and Tom offer some interesting insights on the campaign and the phoned-in “controversy” surrounding it. Nick gets nostalgic with Phantasy Star Ø, but warns of better things to come, while Justin recommend Artstyle: Whateveritscalled*, a game that combines the thrills of curling with the thoughtful strategies of a crossing guard. We’ve got all that, plus The Ballad of Gay Tony, Dragon Age Origins and early New Super Mario Bros. Wii impressions.

*Make that Artstyle: DIGIDRIVE.

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