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Published January 28, 2009

Big things are happening here at the Rumble Pack. In addition to Resident Evil 5 and Skate 2 impressions, the guys talk to former 1up FM star and current Rebel FM star Nick Suttner. They pick his brain on everything from gaming in print to his future podcasting plans, and he even lays down a new “gauntlet” for Tony. Does Mr. Divito have what it takes to become a Made Man?

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  1. HBayani HBayani

    Hey, great podcast! This episode was particularly interesting, as we got to check out an “insider’s” experience (aside from Rebel FM and the old 1up podcasts).

    The stuff about RE5 piqued my curiosity; I really want to check out the demo, but I’ll have to wait ’til Feb 5 for that. The change in control scheme is annoying for me, as I’m one of those “Don’t mess with my buttons!” kind of gamers. Eventually, I’ll get used to it like I did with MGS4 and its similar change.

    So no Tony tray this week? Guess we’ll have to wait ’til next time, when he can also let us know about Made Man. Hah!

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