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Published January 25, 2009



“It all began ages ago, when man’s ancestor picked up a shard of a strange
red rock… Its power, which was beyond human comprehension, cultivated
dreams… In turn, love and hate were born… Only time will see how it all


For all of the endless praise and message board worship lavished upon Chrono Trigger, the initial setup is fairly simple, at least initially. You have an intrepid young group (including a mute hero and a tomboy princess), a brooding villain, and a mysterious force that could destroy the world. However, for a game that employs so many role-playing archetypes, it still has its own unique charm over a decade after its 1995 release. In the following series of essays, the five of us discuss why Chrono Trigger has remained such a highly sought-after classic. Is it the Toriyama artwork? The lively battle system? The time travel gimmick? Perhaps the charm lies beyond these details.

You may be asking yourself why we chose to base our first Rumble Pack feature on this particular game instead of the many other classics in Square’s SNES oeuvre. Where was this essay collection two months ago when the DS update was released? Well, for one of us, this is his first time playing through Chrono Trigger, and we felt it was important to remind readers what it was like to play the game with fresh eyes. Besides, this is one of those few games that has been universally embraced by the hardcore gaming community, so think of this as getting to know us better through a common gaming touchstone.

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  1. Hargrada Hargrada

    I’m digging this new feature, and the only thing i’d change is the subject it’s based on. The next post should be on a topic that would allow a much different range of opinions. Nothing combative, just opposing viewpoints on a single topic (or game).

  2. Matty!!!!!! Matty!!!!!!

    Totally agree with Hargrada’s comments. Plus, I need to give some mad props to the artistic renditions. I would say Justin’s picture wins because Kaz doesn’t have his trademark thick rim glasses.

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