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Published April 9, 2008

Four out of five heroes roll into some eclectic trays this week, including more N+ ninja japes and a few unlikely comparisons. Ever wonder what Shiren The Wanderer and Dead Rising have in common? Also: Tony and Tom lament about their status as grinding Pata-paupers, Kaz harnesses the sins of the sun in the palm of his hand, and Nick hunts for Mega Man in Phoenix Wright. Then, an equally random news wrap up throws Stephen King and Charlie Daniels into the mix.

In the second half of the show we attempt to nail down the slippery definition of what makes a game casual or hardcore while discussing the evolving dynamic between the game-clueless, the game-curious, and the game-hobbyists. Finally, we check in on the fool’s errand Tony agreed to last week and update the challenge with a brand new quest.

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