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Published April 3, 2008

No, our delay wasn’t an prank for the first of April. It was an unfortunate manifestation of the perils of mixing electronics with anything.

Nick, Tom, Tony and Kaz enter the podcast pit of doom for a showdown. Nick finishes up Megaman ZX Advent, Kaz gushes more about N+ and playing the ninja game with friends. Tony continues to ponder Shiren the Wanderer while simultaneously exploding when thinking about Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword and Tom tries to lure everyone into a drawn out XBLA high score battle.

In the second segment of the show we mix our news with our discussion and come up with a conversation about sequelitis and game company mergers and talk shortly about Still Alive in Rock Band. Then we cap off the show by discussing the absence of any good game releases this week, and Nick issues a “Challenge of the Gods” to Tony.

Bonus for waiting: The Official Rumble Pack Brawl Stage (ver. 0.1)

Instructions: Place your Wii’s SD card in your computer. Drop the bin file in the following folder: \private\wii\app\RSBE\st\  . Then put your SD card back in your Wii. Boot up and enjoy! New versions to come.

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