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Published May 14, 2016


Kaz, Tony and Neil talk about the glory of VR, the successor to RR, and the inherant Wii-like nature of VR at this point. Also, they try and convince Neil to care about Overwatch (okay, mostly just Tony) and Kaz gives early Uncharted 4 impressions.


  1. Aaron Fleischer Aaron Fleischer

    In response to, “Nintendo always says that they never sell consoles at a loss,” and questions about whether or not the system as a whole is a failure.

    The Wii U is a resounding failure. Nintendo may not lose money per unit sold, but they’ve absolutely lost money on the system as a whole if only because of R&D costs that they never recouped and unpurchased units. There are a bunch of articles talking about their losses from 2012 to 2014, and even their profit in 2015 was at least partly because the yen was weak that year and Nintendo mostly makes money from sales outside Japan.

    That’s probably why they’re doing things to try to branch out, namely phone games and movie licenses.

    • Aaron Fleischer Aaron Fleischer

      No comment on the house choice.

      VR is great, and everyone should at least try a Vive if you get a chance.

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