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Published March 31, 2016

Superhot Quick review 1So much of SUPERHOT is an amazing success in finding interesting game design in a well worn genre. Bending the basic gameplay of a first-person shooter into a puzzle game that seems easy at first, and then requires Sisyphean patience later. Despite its many short comings and my co-host’s opinions on the ending I still find myself enjoying the game overall.

Superhot Quick review 2

SUPERHOT is certainly not the best experience it could be–the story is rudimentary, the challenge is uneven, and the experience is maybe a little short–but the parts that were executed well are darn near perfection. No one can deny the style the visuals have and the fresh feel the mechanics have. I found the most satisfaction in squeezing out the smoothest possible execution of a level. Taking repeated attempts at a level to perfect the execution lead to incredibly satisfying end results:

Not to mention how ridiculous it is that the developer created a social network spoof (Killstagram) for sharing your completed level clips. Superhot Quick review 3SUPERHOT may not be the best game ever made but how many games let you carefully eviscerate a roomful of enemies with repeated baseball-bat-blows to the head?

Pretty dang good, not the best but I'm excited to finish the game, which says a lot for someone at my stage in life...

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