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Published November 2, 2015

I made a solid effort to get back into shape a couple years ago. I made decent progress but stalled out after moving from an apartment complex with a gym on site to where I live now. It doesn’t seem like much but the ten minute drive to the gym really did make it fall out of my daily routine.

I am incredibly lazy.

hat fact is probably the largest part in getting me to my current size (285lbs, I’m only 6’1″ so that’s a BMI of “you might actually be deceased already”). My ideal weight would be somewhere around 220. I’m sure medical science would say 185 is a true ideal weight. But I think I know my own limitations too well.

Speaking of limitations I think reducing my weight by 65 pounds is a big chunk to try and tackle so I’m targeting a smaller goal. Assuming an ideal weigh loss rate of about a pound-and-a-half a week I’ll be looking to take out 25 pounds in 5 months. Mostly by reducing portion size and making sure to move more everyday.

I’d love to increase my activity and say I’m going to start going to the gym every day and eating broccoli and baked chicken breast every meal but I know better. I’m going to start by trying to max out a step counter (more on the technology side below) and eating less. I’ve talked to my workplace about bein able to get a standing desk, but that might not happen.

I’m hoping to be more consistent about blogging about it here to give myself a cadence and chance to reflect, change bad habits and reinforce good ones.

And because I’m a sucker for technology I’ve gotten myself something to help motivate. I had a Fitbit for the longest time, a Fitbit One in particular. I really did like racking up flights of stairs and steps, but I kept losing the darn thing or forgetting to grab it.

So I snagged a Band 2 when pre-orders went live. The watch concept fits into my lifestyle well. I forgot how much I liked wearing a watch, ever since I got my first smartphone I stopped wearing a watch.

WP_20151031_17_51_09_ProBetween tracking sleep, heartrate, elevation changes, steps, UV exposure (important for long Cleveland winters) and many other things that don’t surface much I should get more data than I could possibly want. I can create custom workouts to load onto the band that I’ll run in the morning. I’ll also be tracking my nightly walks with Ghost and any other time I can get out and go for a walk.

BuildAWorkoutI’ll also be using MyFitnessPal for calorie tracking, I think honestly tracking how much I was eating made the biggest impact three years ago when I hit my all time low weight. I wanted to use LoseIt but I don’t have a good app solution on Windows Phone. So until a better option appears I’ll have MyFitnessPal.

I’ll look to update every week or so. Wish me luck.

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