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Published April 6, 2014

Diablo 3 ExpansionI just finished the expansion’s “Act V” content. Took a couple of hours altogether, but the real meat of this expansion is the expanded levels and items. It’s hard not to wonder if the price point is fair for the average player. Certainly the hardcore will find more than their money’s worth in post-game adventure mode quests and loot. If you plan to burn through it in one sitting and be done, you’ll probably find yourself disappointed in the lack of story content. The expansion act finished rather abruptly, leaving me asking, “Is it the end already?”

The best part of the expansion was actually a patch for the PC version that was released for the base game as well; it implements a rebalanced Loot 2.0 system. This eliminates the maligned auction house and increases the drop rates. It makes the game feel a lot more like its predecessors, to the point where it makes me question how they released the base game thinking the loot system was good. It was terrible in retrospect.

I find myself wanting to go back in and finish some of the adventure mode challenges just to wring more loot out of the new system. Your mileage will hinge a lot on your stomach for loot whoring.

Pretty dang good, not the best but I'm excited to finish the game, which says a lot for someone at my stage in life...

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