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Published March 24, 2014

TitanfallIt’s been a nice long time since I’ve been willing to love a Call of Duty-style multiplayer game. My last fling was with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. (Yes, the “original” one.) I enjoyed Modern Warfare 2 for a while but it was still the first installment that got its hooks in me with progression and constant evening sessions of multiplayer shooting. Titanfall is the new champion, and given a couple more play sessions and a few more levels, it will be the multiplayer shooter I’ve played the most, short of CounterStrike: Source. (Ask Tom about the narration that haunted his sleep for 9 months.)

I love this game, despite the missing single player campaign. This absence is a shame because I’m a huge sucker for sci-fi universes and the levels in this game seem like they’d be fantastic worlds to explore. (Except for Training Grounds – there’s nothing interesting about that map.) The movement is so refreshing that it sits with the greats of interesting mobility – Tribes, CS surf maps and Unreal Tournament 2003. The weapons aren’t awe-inspiring but there are great options available from level 1; no worries about the level 40 juggernauts just having better tech. The matchmaking isn’t perfect but I’ve had some fantastic matches that finally made me put “Xbox, record that!” to good use.

That’s what Titanfall is right now: a sick-moment-generator of the highest order. You can find plenty to complain about, but it’s hard to care because the next match starts in 90 seconds. I see no signs of stopping.

I'm thinking about playing it right now, in fact I'm probably playing it as we speak...

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