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Published November 4, 2013

garbadorThe Pokémon Master has returned. Following his Italian honeymoon, Justin quickly jetted off to the Kalos region, where not a single Bidoof was safe. Kaz, Tony and new Pack-mate Michael McFadden listen in bewilderment. But the guys don’t get bogged down in Poké-madness for long – not when there’s Hearthstone, The Stanley Parable, Rogue Legacy, The Wonderful 101, 868-HACK, rain and more to talk about. Plus, McFadden and Tony spend 15 minutes talking about how hard drives work. GET READY!


  1. Tom Tom

    Justin referring to Revenge of the (MFin’) Gator as “the talk of the nation” tickles my heart. A reference to it in “Wii Smash U!!!!” would validate my entire childhood.

    I will be picking up Beyond: Two Souls at some point, don’t worry Kaz. Or hell, maybe we can burn it down together some weekend.

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