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Published August 29, 2013

276sNeil may have gone to a Ke$ha concert, but we promise you that this podcast is glitter-free. This week, the guys try to make sense of the Nintendo 2DS, the wacky handheld that’s still prettier than the After an extended conversation about #Batfleck and nonprofit social media – stay with us! – Justin assembles his plastic army for Disney Infinity, Kaz gets his Brothers mixed up and Neil still doesn’t buy Shadowrun. Plus, gleefully hating on Divekick, Disney trivia, The World’s End, Plants vs. Zombies 2, the Xbox One’s snoozy launch lineup and Luigi’s Dream Team psyche.

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  1. Tom Tom

    Biiiiig ups to Justin this episode for calling out Spelunky as one of the best games of all time. I still play a round pretty much every time my Xbox 360 is turned on, I’m sure it works even better in a portable format. Would really love to see Binding of Isaac on a portable as well.

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