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Published July 23, 2012

Strap on your controller and get ready to move! This week, the Pack sits down with Greg Trefry, co-founder of Gigantic Mechanic and the Come Out and Play Festival. He shares his thoughts on the recent NYC event, new sports, installation games and more. The conversation starts at the 53 minute mark. Before the interview, Justin’s heart is stolen by Rhythm Thief, Kaz gets caught up in an unfortunate Quantum Conundrum and Tony rattles off a bunch of roguelikes, including Spelunky and Dungeons of Dredmor. Plus, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, The Angry Birds empire’s Amazing Alex, unwise Steam spending, Mush on Windows Phone, Ouya skepticism and early Dyad trippiness.

Mario gets the Theatrhythm treatment (through WarioWare D.I.Y.)

Come Out & Play Festival

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