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Published June 22, 2012

It’s our most boffing episode yet! This week on the Rumble Pack, the guys talk to Johann Sebastian Joust himself, Doug Wilson. The Die Gute Fabrik game designer talks about the Move controller, video game academia, releasing Joust to the masses and more. Following the interview, Justin delves into a trio of handheld games that he loves to varying degrees: Gravity Rush, Pokémon Conquest and Resistance: Burning Skies. Tony conquers Diablo III twice and Kaz unboxes his the sci-fi flavored Eclipse. Plus, “Prometheus” crankiness, Princess Peach: Crying and Shopping, Old Banana’s Ambition, Pokécology, bathing in Metamucil, “The Next Generation” Blu Rays and surprising ambivalence towards Twisted Metal.

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