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Published May 3, 2012

Welcome to the latest (bi-weekly) installment of the Rumble Pack. It’s true that we’re cutting back on the number of regular podcasts, but we’re confident that the new schedule will mean tighter, more insightful shows. Plus, you can expect to see plenty of bonus content spread throughout the off-weeks.

Anyway, this week, Kaz, Tom and Justin are all entranced by Botanicula‘s beautiful fauna and playful spirit. They also cover another major contender, Trials Evolution, the most harrowing racing experience possible on a single plane. Afterwards, Justin digs up the obscure DSi gem Go! Go! Kokopolo, Kaz straps on a free jetpack in Tribes Ascend, and Tom moves one step at a time in Legends of Grimrock. Plus, MLB: The Show 2012 on the Vita, fat Lee Adama, gym class memories, more Fez, the “Battlestar Galactica” board game and Super Monday Night Combat.

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